About us

Eurasia Light Industry Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.(EAMC),China pulp molding machine manufacturer, the pioneer of international fully automatic pulp molding production technology, and the inventor of the "forming, shaping and trimming machine". The whole machine and key components have obtained a series of Chinese invention patents, American invention patents, and European Union Patents. EAMC is the first drafting unit of Chinese industry standards: “Pulp molding disposable tableware production line”, “Pulp molding machine for fine packaging products” and other standards.Company chairman, chief engineer and senior engineer Zheng Tianbo is an expert in the automation of pulp (plant fiber) molding equipment. He has been engaged in the research of pulp (plant fiber) molding technology in 1992. He is a member of the technical committee of the national standard committee of China.

EAMC is located in the center of the economically developed Yangtze River Delta,China. It has its own plant fiber molding (pulp molding) R&D building and test workshop, equipment production plant, mold production plant and product production plant.

EAMC company has been committed to the production process research of pulp molding, the design and development of pulp molding products, the design and development of pulp molding products mold, the research and development of pulp molding equipment production line and so on. Successfully developed a multi-purpose efficient and automatic pulp molding equipment production line. It sets "forming, shaping, trimming, side punching" and other functions in one machine

EAMC has obtained a series of Chinese invention patents, US invention patents, and EU invention patents for the complete machines and key components of a variety of equipment. EAMC is the main drafting unit of national industry standards. It is the first to formulate national industry standards for plant fiber molded tableware equipment and high-end industrial packaging equipment among domestic counterparts, and has a leading advantage in the industry.

Many large international and domestic companies have repeatedly purchased automatic plant fiber molding machine production lines produced by EAMC and have been using them until now. The fully automatic machinery production lines developed and produced by the company have been exported to Europe, the United States , Mexico, Columbia and Asian countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand.

For many years, we have been committed to the comprehensive research of fully automatic plant fiber (pulp) molding production line. It is a research and development production enterprise with advanced fully automatic plant fiber molding technology and independent intellectual property rights. We are committed to providing plant fiber (pulp) molding technology, equipment and overall solutions for "white pollution" to countries all over the world.