About us

EAMC China pulp molding machine manufacturer, the pioneer of international fully automatic pulp molding production technology. China invention patents, US invention patents, and European invention patents. The first drafter for the Chinese Industry Standards:“Pulp Molding Disposable Tableware Production Line”,“Pulp Molding Machine for Fine Packaging Products”and other standards. EAMC Specialized in the research and development, production of fully automatic pulp molding production line, complete sets, the development and production of various plant fiber molding (pulp molding) products. Using renewable plant resources such as wheat grass, reed, bagasse and other plant fiber, with molding method, to produce various fiber daily necessities,  molded fiber paper tableware, molded pulp tray, molded pulp industrial packaging products , shock pad and packaging tray, non-plane fiber paper mold decorative wall board and other molded fiber three-dimensional products.

  • Pulp Molding Production Line

    Fully automatic pulp molding and trimming machine. EAMC original creation, dozens of domestic and foreign invention patents, independent intellectual property rights.

  • Molded Fiber Products

    EAMC fully automatic plant fiber (paper pulp) molding production line can use plant fibers such as bagasse pulp, moso bamboo pulp, reed pulp, wheat straw pulp, palm pulp and wood pulp as raw materials to produce a variety of high-quality and different purposes plant fiber molded (pulp) products.

  • Molded Pulp Cup Lid

    The fully automatic production line of "paper cup lid - molded pulp (fiber) cup lid cup lid with inverted buckle" developed by EAMC is more advanced and competitive. No need for secondary processing, one-time forming "cold and hot drink cup lid with inverted buckle".

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