Which production cost is lower,Molded pulp products with trimming-free or margin trimming?

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Which production cost is lower, molded pulp products with trimming-free or margin trimming?

In fact, the trimming-free process consumes more energy than the margin trimming process.

The quality of the trimming-free molded pulp products is much less good than the margin trimming molded pulp productsEspecially in the pulp molded tableware products industry, trimming-free molded pulp products edge fiber shedding , paper powder shedding, missing edge, yellow edge black edge phenomenon in the process of use affect the appearance effect and use performance of the products.

Due to many previous pulp molding equipment automation degree is low, can not achieve automatic margin trimming and automatic punching, are to manually cut edge, hand punching (side punching), so there are some trimming-free molded pulp products. More than 20 years of practice have proved that the trimming-free molded pulp products have poor quality, instability and low qualified rate, the cost of producing trimming-free molded pulp products is also very high.

In the past, because the pulp moulding equipment can not achieve automatic margin trimming , using artificial margin trimming is inefficient, so some factories consider using the free-trimming method. The free-trimming issue has been explored for over 20 years and was patented in 1998, but he effect has not been ideal. From the theoretical calculation and practical summary, making pulp molding products with using the trimming-free method. is more energy consuming than automatic margin trimming.