Pulp Molding Raw Material 1: Bagasse Pulp

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Pulp Molding Raw Material 1: Bagasse Pulp

Bagasse pulp is a good raw material for pulp molding products. Production of pulp molding dining box tableware products using bagasse fiber.

Bagasse pulp made of bagasse, after chemical or biological. Bagasse pulp may be wet or dried and pressed into a pulp board. The wet bagasse pulp adds water, configured to provide a certain concentration of pulp for pulp molding production directly. The pulp board should be broken by the pulp crusher and then added water to form a certain concentration of paper pulp for molded pulp production. Paper pulp is molded, shaped and cut into molding products in pulp molding machine.

Bagasse fiber is medium and long fiber, which has the advantages of moderate strength and toughness, and is the most suitable raw material for molding products at present, so bagasse pulp products are the most widely used at present. At present, bagasse fiber is used in tableware products, and some high-end mobile phone support, cosmetics packaging also use this raw material.

Bagasse pulp is produced all over the world, Southeast Asia such as Thailand, America such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East such as Iran, China's Guangxi, Yunnan and other places.Sugar cane is heavily planted in these areas, and there are many sugarcane factories, which is the raw material of sugarcane mills, which was originally the waste of sugarcane factories, but many sugarcane factories have established sugarcane pulp mills to supply pulp to paper mills and pulp molding mills. With the development of pulp molding technology and market, the industrial chain of many bagasse pulp mills began to extend to molded pulp products, and they purchased pulp molding machines to establish pulp molding products factories.